[Mac Users] What you should do before upgrading new macOS Big Sur (11.0.1)!

Dear all,

Today, the new macOS Big Sur (11.0.1)was released!
As the information processing office began to check the new OS.
PLEASE keep in mind that upgrading the operating system may cause older incompatible software and printer drivers to stop working or be unstable.

In addition, we think it’s best to wait for the upgrade until the situation is still a bit clearer.

macOS Big Sur Update Bricking (16 November 2020)

As a result of upgrading MacBookPro, there was a case where all data and OS, etc. were lost.
It is the same situation as the following news articles. Depending on the situation, there is a risk of data loss, so we recommend you to watch the upgrade.

In addition, even when you don’t mind losing data, the software that was installed also disappears because there is a case in which reinstallation becomes necessary. So, you had better backing up the OS and system, including data with Time Machine to USB HDD, and upgrade after preparing the information of each license information and installation method, too.


What you should do before upgrading macOS Big Sur (11.0.1)

  1. Upgrade the Center’s ESET (Security software) to version 6.8.300.1 or above the version if your Mac was installed.
  2. Check each manufacturer’s website to make sure that the software, printer driver, and other necessary items are compatible with the new OS.

If you upgrade to the new OS without updating the new ESET, the ESET won’t work. Please install the new ESET.

Office 2016 for Mac Support was ended on 13th October, 2020

If you use Office 2016 for Mac, please upgrade Office 2016 for Mac to Office 2019 before the OS is upgraded.

13th November 2020
Information Processing Office.


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