Windows 8.1 OS support will end on January 10, 2023! Users should consider renewing their devices!

Dear Windows OS users, Windows 8.1 OS support will end on January 10, 2023 (about one month away). Thereafter, there will be no more support, including support for security vulnerabilities. Reference: Windows 8.1 support will end on January 10, 2023 (Microsoft) From the viewpoint of the information security policy of CSEAS and Kyoto University, it is a guideline not to use OS and software whose support has ended. If you are using a terminal with Windows 8.1, please consider renewing your terminal (Windows 8.1 terminals are old and OS upgrade is not recommended) in this fiscal year or early next fiscal year. December 1, 2022

[Mac Users] Support for the release of the new OS “macOS 13 Ventura”

Dear All The new Mac OS “macOS 13 Ventura” was released on October 25, 2012(JST). v7.2.1600, which is a supported version of the Institute’s security software (ESET), is now available for download (for Institute SPS-ID holders only). It is possible that support for macOS 10.15 Catalina, which is the fourth previous version, has expired. If you are using Catalina or earlier, we recommend upgrading to macOS Big Sur or later. For devices that cannot install Ventura, it may be possible to upgrade to an earlier version, so please give it a try. Notes on the Institute’s security software (ESET) for OS upgrades If you are upgrading your OS, please...Read More

[Mac users]: CSEAS Security software “ESET” supports new OS “macOS 13 Ventura”

Dear all, The new Mac OS “macOS 13 Ventura” is scheduled to be released on October 25 in Japan. Our security software (ESET) does not yet support the new OS. There is information that a new version will be released in the near future, but since the details are still unknown, we recommend that you wait and see for a week or two after the new OS is released. The Information Technology Office will also test the new OS after it is released. We will notify you of the results. Regards, Information Processing Office.

Announcement of temporary suspension of network services due to the routine power inspection

Users. At Kyoto University, a regular electric power supply check has been carried out every year. This year, according to the announcement of the administrative office, the electric power supply will be tentatively suspended at the following time. [Date]: October 2nd, 2022  13:30 — 17:30 (Sunday) [Area]: Inamori Center, Library, and Common and East building. [Summary]: The electric power supply in all buildings in the area will be suspended. [Influence]:  CSEAS HP and CSEAS E-mail won’t be influenced. Of course, the Desktop PC and the network won’t be used because the power supply will be suspended. I recommend plugging off the electric adapters in your PC, HUB, and other electronic...Read More

Termination of Password-Based Authentication for the IKEv2 VPN Service

Dear all, Kyoto University VPN (IKEv2) will no longer be able to connect by password authentication in late August 2022. Therefore, for those who are using the VPN (IKEv2) to access campus services from off-campus, please add client authentication settings to each terminal before the end of the service. Client certificates required for client authentication must be issued and configured for each individual terminal. Therefore, please note that this service is not available for shared terminals where a user is shared. *Please delete the VPN (IKEv2) setting with the password authentication after the password authentication service is terminated. Date and time of IKEv2 service termination by a password authentication VLAN...Read More

Support Expiration Date for Windows 8.1 (January 10, 2023)

Dear all, Windows 8.1 will end with support early next year. Using software no longer supported will leave security vulnerabilities open and cause serious information security incidents. Kyoto University needs to countermeasures through the information security policy and the security survey. End of support date: January 10, 2023 If you are using Windows 8.1, please consider one of the following options. 1. Upgrade to Windows 10(Windows 10 support expires on October 14, 2025) 2. Replace a new PC. Upgrading to Windows 10 is also available by subscription (annual contract) at Kyoto University Coop(enrolled only) . July 6, 2022 Information Processing Office

[Notice]: Risk of data loss when data is only available on USB HDD

Dear all Recently, there have been several cases where data cannot be retrieved due to damage to USB HDDs. Devices including USB HDDs and USB memory devices can fail. With this in mind, if you only have data in one location on external media such as USB HDDs or USB memory devices, we recommend that you always store your data in two or more locations. Information Processing Office

[Notice] : End of Support and Upgrade for “Adobe Acrobat 2017”

Dear all, Since June 6, 2022, Adobe Acrobat 2017 will be no longer supported Basically, software including operating systems has a support expiration date. Using software that is no longer supported leaves security vulnerabilities open, which can lead to serious information security incidents. Kyoto University also requires countermeasures through its information security policy and security audit. We would like to alert you to Adobe Acrobat 2017 as software that needs to be addressed urgently. For those who are affected, please consider taking action (removal or migration to the successor product)  after the expiration of support. Of course, if you are using Adobe Acrobat 2015 or an older version, please take...Read More

[Note]: Rule for use prohibition of P2P file exchange software in Kyoto University.

Dear all, In the Kyoto University network, the use of P2P file exchange software is totally prohibited except for special networks. Reference: In some cases, even external users such as teleworkers use the Kyoto University network through VPN connections. Therefore, please check if any of the listed software( is installed on the device you are using. If so, please remove it. [Prohibition Reason] According to KUINS News N.56 (written in Japanese), 1.  Overload of network resources due to the huge data transmission used by the P2P system. 2. Risk of violation of the Japanese Copyright Law due to the P2P system not being intended is very high. 3....Read More

Announcement of temporary suspension of network services due to switchover to SINET6

Users. As announced in 【PC Terminal Service】The PC Service will be stopped (Mar. 20 9:00am-10:00am), the Kyoto University network will be temporarily unstable or stopped during the following period. [Date]: March 20th, 2022  9:00 — 10:00 (Sunday) [Area]: All campuses of Kyoto University [Summary]: Work to switch to the next academic network, SINET6 [Influence]:  CSEAS HP and CSEAS E-mail won’t be influenced. 1st March 2022: Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.