Released version 2.5 of WordPress plugin “Contact Form 7 Add Password field”

Contact Form 7 Add Password field The plugin is to add a password filed to Contact form 7 plugin. I’m happy to release version 2.5. The version supports two restrictions; “Number of characters”, “Password Strength; for the password field. password_min Required more than the specified number of characters the input. password_stregth I prepared 4 types. 1 = Numbers only 2 = Include letters and numbers 3 = Include upper and lower case letters and numbers 4 = Include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and marks ex. [password  example  password_min=10  password_strength=4] Required more than the 10 number of characters the input and include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and...Read More

Google Drive data in trash will be automatically removed after 30 days starting on October 13, 2020

Dear all, Currently, Google Drive trash items have not been automatically removed. However, since October 13, the trash items will be automatically deleted ater 30 days. This rule change applies to the all Google accounts (including free Google account/Gmail), not just the CSEAS Google account. Most people don’t need to worry because they are moving their unwanted data to the trash. But if you have data that you want to keep, take it out of the trash. Related Information Delete and restore files in Google Drive (Google Drive Help) Google Drive trash items will be automatically deleted after 30 days starting on October 13, 2020(G Suite Updates)  

[Zoom users]: Please update Zoom 5 as soon as possible if you use Zoom 4.0 or pverious version!

Zoom users, Zoom 4 or the previous versions will be unavailable since May 30th.  If you use the older version, any attempt to attend a meeting after May 30 will result in a forced update and you cannot join the meeting until the update process is finished. Therefore, we recommend updating to Zoom 5 as soon as possible. In detail, please see our “[Zoom users]: Please confirm&update Zoom 5.0!” or “Termination of an Earlier Version of Zoom App (May 30)” (Kyoto University). 28th May, 2020 Information Processing Office.

[Zoom users]: Please confirm&update Zoom 5.0!

Zoom users, Zoom 5.0 drastically improves the security features, such as the end-to-end encryption and the rouging selection of the data center (paid account only). Therefore, please confirm your Zoom version and upgrade it to Zoom 5.0! How to upgrade the Zoom Where Do I Download The Latest Version? (Zoom Help Center) Please select the “Check for Updates” (Windows / Mac) in the account icon of the Zoom app. In the case of a smartphone and a tablet (Android / iOS), please check the Zoom app from the App of Google Play or App Store. How to confirm the Zoom version Viewing the Zoom version number (Zoom Help Center)  ...Read More

How to manually uninstall ESET (Windows 10)

Dear all, The manual “How to manually uninstall ESET (Windows 10)” was put on the manual page. If your computer has been installed “ESET Endpoint Security” managed by Administrator, such as the Center and cannot remove the ESET for the clean installation or upgrade it, please refer to the manual. 17th March, 2020 Information Processing Office.

WordPress Plugin “Disable Author Archive Redirection” Released

The plugin was released for preventing security vulnerability regarding the author archive redirection. Disable Author Archive Redirection In detail, please see the blog (only Japanese). 11th March, 2020 Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

[Staff only for Mac]: Support of macOS 10.15 for CSEAS ESET (Security software)

Dear all, The Information Processing Office supports macOS 10.15 on CSEAS ESET for Mac. Before you upgrade macOS 10.15, please upgrade CSEAS ESET for Mac to version Reference: How to upgrade CSEAS ESET (for Staff only (published) ) Notes: When you upgrade macOS, please before handback up your data because new OS will be sometimes unstable. We recommend to wait the OS upgrade for a week and to see the information of new OS on the Internet because new OS may not support an old software and printer. 30th September, 2019 Information Processing Office.

1.2.0 Released WordPress plugin “WP Hidden Password Protected Pages”

The Office released  the version 1.2.0 of WordPress plugin “WP Hidden Password Protected Pages”. The version supports to hide password protected pages in the previous post and next post (previous_post_link, next_post_link) and tested up WordPress 5.0.3. Plugin: The Office has released various WordPress plugins. 31st January, 2019  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

How to set up multi-lingual input system with Screen Keyboard on Windows 7 (Lao)

Windows 7 supports Lao language. However, it’s hard to input Lao character on a keyboard (US keyboard, Japanese keyboard, and so on) without a Lao keyboard. I’d like to introduce the input method with Screen Keyboard. Firstly, I explain about how to use it. Secondary, I explain about how to set up it. How to use it Run a software (application) Run  “Screen Keyboard” (You had better put on the shortcut on the task bar) Select “LA (Lao)”. Click a character on the Screen Keyboard or push the keyboard.  If characters on the Screen Keyboard aren’t changed, select “LA (Kao)” language again (Reference: No.3).   How to set up it...Read More

[Notice]: Google Calendar UI updated.

Dear all. Today, the Center’s Google Calendar was renewed to new system. The major features is as below: The Calendar content can be displayed without new window by the pop-up menu. If a user users multi calendars, the integrated view is supported on “Day” schedule. Responsive Web Design was applied to the web-based Google Calendar. When a user change the browser’s window size, the Google calendar automatically adjusts the view size. And then, do you know Google calendar can use in multi different time zones? If you have a interests, please see the document. Regards, 19th October, 2017 Information Processing Office.