Cannot complete Windows Update on Windows 7!

It was hard to solve the issue for a long time, but we could succeed to solve several issues, so I inform the information for an IT administrator. Run Disk Cleanup in Windows7 Restart Winodws7 Get a latest updater of Windows Update Client Stop some service on Windows7 (wuauserv, cryptSvc, bits, msiserver) Open the latest updater of Windows Update Client and apply it. Restart Windows 7 Run Windows Update (Wait 5 or 10 minutes) In case of forgetting to run Windows Update for a long time The apply of the latest updater of Windows Update Client  may be failure if Windows Update weren’t applied more than a year. If it’s failure,...Read More

[TiPS] Let’s experience Inbox by Gmail (Another Gmail service)

Dear all, The Center’s e-mail service (Gmail) can use “Inbox by Gmail”. (or Android / iPad / iPhone apps) E-mail data in Inbox by Gmail is same as Gmail e-mail box, so you can use both of Gmail and Inbox by Gmail. Reference: *  Feature of Inbox by Gmail 1. Snooze emails Reference: Have you ever wanted to see an email later? Inbox by Gmail temporarily remove them from your inbox until you need them. 2. Reminder Reference : Inbox by Gmail can add reminders for yourself that show up right in your inbox. When you arrive a place or it is specific time, the reminder...Read More

(Restored) Network Service suspension in the information processig room (2F, east building)

Dear all. The network service in the information processing room (2F, east building) was suspended during the following period. I apologize for your inconvenience. Now, the network in this room is available. [Date]:15th July, 2015 9:49 – 13:03 [Place]: The information processing room (2F, east building) 15th July, 2015 Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

How to duplicate a profile of Apple Configurator

The special operation is needed to duplicate a profile of Apple Configurator. Thus, I’d like to note the special method. Apple Configurator is the integrated management tool for iOS devices, such as iPad and iPhone. The information processing office manages 7 iPad devices for OPAC Library search. 1. Export a profile Start up Apple Configurator, select a profile and click on a export button. 2. Edit a profile data Bug? I don’t know, but a binary data at  the header and the footer is involved by Apple Configurator. At least, you need to remove the binary data at the header part because Apple Configurator cannot import the profile data. Therefore, open the profile data...Read More

[Notice]: Released Google Calendar App for iPhone

Dear all, Today, Google Calendar for iPhone was released by App Store!! According to the announcement of Official Gmail Blog, various interested functions, such as “Events from Gmail”, was provides for new App. The Google Calendar Apps can be also use by Google Apps Accounts including CSEAS Google Accounts. However, “Events from Gmail” function is not available to Google Apps accounts. Therefore, “Events from Gmail” function is not available using Gmail in CSEAS Google Account (Google Apps for Education). Related Information Google Calendar for iPhone. It’s about time. (Official Gmail Blog) Google Calendar finally on iPhone! (Gmail Help Forum)   2015年3月11日 情報処理室長・木谷

Developed WordPress Plugins Updated.

The following 4 plugins were updated in WordPress Repository ( The aims of the update is tested up WordPress 4.1.1. WP Add Mime Types  (1.3.3) View-Shortcodes (1.4) WP Hidden Password Protected Pages (1.0.1) WP DS FAQ Plus (1.2.3) About the detail information of the plugins, please see  . The source codes are opened to the GitHUB. 4th March, 2015  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

Introduction of Free Antivirus for Mac

Basically, Please use the Antivirus product in case of the company or organization. Because not only the organization but also you assume a responsibility for the information risks, such as the information leak. When you use the PC in the company or organization, please contact IT staff or department because you should check the information security policy. In case of the Center’s staff, please contact the information processing office before you use your PC in the Center. We have to consider that the security protection is needed to the staff’s PCs for Home use because they sometimes share the data between the business PCs and the private PCs. Of course,...Read More

WordCamp Kansai 2014 will be held on June 7-8, 2014

WordCamp Kansai 2014 will be help on June 7-8, 2014 in Osaka. The web site consists of the WordPress system, so we have benefited from WordPress.  Of course, the information processing office has been contributing to the WordPress through the plugin development, the presentation in WordBench Kyoto, Osaka (WordPress local  community), serves as the executive committee member of WordCamp Kansai 2014. WordPress Progenitor (Mr. Matt Mullenweg) will visit WordCamp Kansai 2014 and he will speak the keynote speech!This is the big chance for sharing his vision regarding WordPress. Why don’t we experience about WordPress? or Why don’t we share the knowledge regarding WordPress with fellows? Time table: Registration: 1st May, 2014: Chief of Information...Read More